Shingle Tiles of Northern Europe

Shingle Tiles of Northern Europe

While roof tiles made from ceramic and also clay are common in the Mediterranean area, one locates that roof shingles tile is much more usual when one relocation north right into the trendy, damp environments of France, England and Germany. Shingle floor tile on houses in this part of Europe may additionally be made from kiln-fired clay or ceramic, yet are much more typically made from concrete as well as a slate. Effectively and skillfully mounted, such roof coverings are basically undestroyable and also may even last longer than the framework if taken care of on a regular basis.

Roof shingles roof tiles

Clay and also ceramic roofing product is an ancient suggestion that emerged in various components of the globe at various times. Primarily, the method originated in Egypt, the Indus River Valley of Pakistan, as well as northeastern China in between 10,000 and 5000 years ago. These shingle roof tiles were so long lasting that excavators still find them undamaged after centuries. Although clay shingle floor tile probably got here in France as well as Britain with the Romans, today form of these tiles started to appear throughout Norman Times between 1066 and also around 1450.

English Roof Tiles

Roof tiles were used on the house of Norman aristocrats in England gazing in the mid-1200s. English roof tiles are very versatile as well as are offered in a large range of designs as well as tinting; they can be used efficiently on many different kinds of homes.

French Roofing Tiles

Shingle Tiles of Northern Europe

The majority of French residences that have shingle roof tiles made from clay or ceramic lie in the southerly region of the nation; further north, French ngoi tot nhat roof tiles are most likely to be made from shale. One business because the country has actually been making French roof covering tiles since the mid-sixteenth century. Like those in English homes, French roof tiles are really vibrant as well as can be acquired in many different shapes and sizes.


A shingle ceramic tile that is made from clay, ceramic, slate and other materials of this sort are incredibly sturdy; in many cases, roofing with this product can last for a century or more with really little upkeep.